On Your Terms!!

"(Angela) is very present and dealt with similar health issues to mine..  She’s also tech-savvy and we coach via iPhone photostream, Basecamp, texting and phone which makes it convenient.   She is passionate and knowledgeable.  I liked her RN background as well, it made me feel like she had vetted out the best program for herself and that gave me a certain comfort level."

"Angela is a wonderful coach.  She shows up for you, she has integrity and she has walked the walk."

-Maxine T. ( Private Client)

 My top three goals upon starting the program were:
1.  Lose weight
2.  Understand food better – nutrients, carbs, fiber, protein, reading labels
3.  Try my hand on juicing and doing smoothies.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been:
1.  Feeling less tired and losing weight.

Other comments:
This has been a great experience. I have received a lot of information that I will always use.  Love 
the use of mason jars and making salads.  Reading labels is now a “must”! - Veronica A. (group coaching client)

" My coach was able to help me work toward my goals by tailoring my diet to my needs. She has made me aware of food groups and how to use them with my work out routine for maximum results.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my gradual awareness to what I eat and my mindset to reach my goal.

I would recommend my coach to individuals who are new to juicing, as she is knowledgeable of ingredients that are specific to your needs."

I would say that Angela is "tangible proof  that with commitment and dedication to the ... program your weight loss goals are possible." - Paula R.(group coaching client)

- C. Johnson (group coaching client)

"The most significant change that I have noticed is improved health and general well being, the absence of cravings and no more addiction to coffee. I have an improved relationship with food and an increased awareness of what I put in my body. As well as an increased awareness of my personal goals, visions and plans for my life.

Angela is a patient and dedicated coach who was concerned about my success. She provided me with various tools that enabled me to succeed such as recipes, exercise techniques and links to various helpful websites. After trying to kick caffeine and food addictions so many times on my own, I was finally able to do it in a way that I can keep it up and it was much easier than it had ever been before."  - John N. (private client)

I have had the profound pleasure to work closely with clients from different walks of life with the common goal of improving their current state of health and being. Through mutual respect, collaboration and dedication to the process of transformation, we have achieved great success together.

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