Who would benefit from Health Coaching?

You know the old saying, "Those who can, do." Well, health coaching is just like that. Most people have some idea, or even a very good idea, of what they need to do to improve  their health. The missing piece is how to implement lasting change that will deliver the desired results. That is where health coaches come in. A health coach is not a medical professional so there is no authoritative relationship here. Health coaches serve as guides and partners in your journey to improve your overall health and wellness. Working with you to devise and implement plans to make permanent, positive changes in the areas that are important to you.

At Livity Wellness Solutions, we believe in the concept of bio-individuality. Just as every person has their own unique set of fingerprints, equally unique to them is the formula that leads to their lasting success.  Our coaching programs are customized to your exact needs and comfort level and include nutrition and fitness plans, accountability and support as needed, weekly calls with your coach, a library of information/handouts to support what you are learning, and free admission to workshops and events.

Program Pricing:


30 Day Quick-Start Program $400

3 month Season of Change Program $1125 * (7% off monthly price)

6 month Do Over Program $2160 ** biggest value (10% off monthly price)

The 3 and 6 month private coaching programs have monthly payment plans available.

* An additional $50 discount is applied when the 3 month program is paid in full.

**An additional $100 discount is applied when the 6 month program is paid in full.

GROUP COACHING (Available for groups of 4 or more.)

$300/month per person

*The weekly call will be for all group members at a pre-determined day/time. All calls will be recorded and questions can be submitted prior to the call in the event that someone cannot attend.


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All programs are offered online and via phone/video calling, making them perfect for different time zones, busy schedules and convenient for frequent travelers. There are no packaged foods, pills or powders required. 

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On Your Terms!!